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In Social Simulation Laboratory, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University, we are trying to approach social simulations in various ways. Developing social simulations requires knowledges about social sciences such as economics, politics, sociology and so on. Besides, knowledge about programming is also required to develop it. When we try to develop simulation tools for nationals or the world, we should employ parallel computers or super computers. We should also consider how to reach decision makers using visual output tools. Why don’t you want to join us to tackle with this challenging interdisciplinary research field?

We have our research activities in the following schedule. The laboratory members come to K210 of Building K in Takatsuki Campus, Kansai University. We welcome anyone who is interested in our research. Please send an e-mail to Professor Tadahiko Murata before visiting us. ( Send to murata -at- )

Currently we have the following schedule. (S) is in the spring semester, (F) is in the fall semester.

M Tu W Th F
1 Class (S)
2 Class (S)
Noon Lab.
3 Lab. Class (F) Lab. Class (F)
4 Lab. Class (S) Faculty M. Lab.
5 Lab. Class (S) Faculty M. Lab.

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Research Theme

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