Regulations for Usage of Synthetic Population

We ask you to use the synthetic populations according to the following regulations. We consider that you totally agree with the following regulations for usage of synthetic populations when you send the applications to us.

  1. Synthetic populations do not have real information on the existing households nor individuals. Therefore, you can not proceed with an empirical research using these data.
  2. Synthetic populations have the similar statistical characteristic with the real statistics of households or individuals within the error minimized by synthetic methods.
  3. Synthetic populations do not consist with statistics that are not used in synthetic procedures.
  4. Synthetic populations will be updated when new statistics are distributed or a synthetic method is modified to reduce errors.
  5. Analysis or simulations should be done over multiple sets of synthetic populations.
  6. Outcomes of analysis or simulations should NOT be released in the form of identifying some real households or individuals.
  7. Include the papers in this website in the reference of your paper. When receiving inquiry about the progress of your research using synthetic populations, reply to the inquiry as soon as possible.
  8. The providers of synthetic populations are not responsible to any damages caused by research outcomes using synthetic populations.
  9. Stop releasing outcomes of your research work as soon as possible, if they are inappropriately distributed. We urge you to stop releasing.

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