Visit Us!

Address: 2-1-1 Ryozenji, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1095, Japan
Phone: +81-72-690-2429

We have our laboratory in Room 210 of Building K (K in the map). Building K is the nearest building from the bus stop of Kansai University (Please note, this is not the bus stop of Nishinokuchi, the Gate of Kansai University). The entrance of Building K from the bus stop on the B1 Floor. If you come from Building A or Building C, It is easy to come to Room 210 using the bridge. Room 210 locates just next to a rest room.

Professor Murata’s room is on the 3rd floor of Building A. It is Room 328. Although it is the nearest room from the 3rd floor entrance from stairs, the entrance is closed from outside the building. You may enter from the 2nd floor entrance then use stairs in the building to come to Room 325.

The internal phone number to Professor Murata is 2479.

The way to come to Takatsuki Campus is shown in the webpage of Faculty of Informatics, or Kansai University.



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