General Systems Theory


In the grand scheme of things,

it is gsystemsh - coordinated wholes,

not the bits and pieces of reductionist science - that are truly amazing.

GST provides a meaningful context within which the details make sense.



Triadic Cognition


What is unique about human beings?

Being able to think about three things at the same time.

Think about it.



Norman D. Cook


Informatics Faculty

Kansai University

Takatsuki, Osaka



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Reverse Perspective


Details on how to construct

a reverse perspective illusion

are here. And you thought you already understood pictorial depth perception?



Harmony Perception


The perception of musical harmony is an unparalleled joy, but the classical texts on harmony theory are nothing

less than drudgery! The good news is

that harmony has a comprehensible acoustical basis.




Some comments on the

significance of the neurophysiology of

gexcitableh membranes for

theories of consciousness.

Welcome to the 21st century.



Tone of Voice and Mind


Here is a summary of a book

on cerebral laterality,

music perception and

speech prosody.

What the hell, here is the entire book in PDF format.



The Corpus Callosum


One of the most unusual aspects

of the human brain is cerebral laterality. Our two cerebral hemispheres share the experiences of an entire life, but have different ideas. And they communicate through the corpus callosum.





Nuclear Structure


Quarks, strings and 11-dimensional space might also be real, but, if you are interested in understanding plain-vanilla quantum mechanics, the best place to start is with the concrete reality of nuclear physics.



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